Feedback & Complaints

Complaints policy & procedure 

At Camping New Forest, we strive to give customers the highest standard of service. Very occasionally things might not go to plan, and we may not live up to your expectations.

If you are unhappy with anything at all we ask you to bring it to our attention straight away by contacting the Site Manager. They will make every effort to resolve the issue.

If you remain dissatisfied, we will refer your complaint to our Customer Care Team, or you may contact them directly:

Customer Care Team
Camping New Forest
New Park
SO42 7QH

Online: Feedback and Resolution Form

  1. Formal complaints can be made by the Lead Customer by sending a letter to the Customer Care Team or by completing the online form, detailed above. Please ensure you provide the following details, or we won’t be able to process your complaint:
  • Booking name & reference number, phone number and email address.
  • Full details of the problem, and how and when it occurred.
  • How it has affected you.
  • What you consider should be done to put things right.
  1. We will acknowledge your complaint within two business days of receipt.
  2. We aim to fully investigate your complaint within ten working days, and in a fair and transparent manner.
  3. We will provide you with a response that outlines our findings and any actions that we consider appropriate. Wherever possible, we will resolve the matter to your satisfaction.
  4. If escalation is required due to dissatisfaction with our initial response, we will refer your complaint to the relevant person. The complaint will be investigated further, and a definitive response given within ten working days. Although, escalation may not alter the original outcome, we are committed to addressing your concerns thoroughly.
  5. Further escalation is only permitted in exceptional circumstances, which can be advised upon request.

We ask you to note that if you do not give us the opportunity to resolve the problem by reporting it on-Site, we may not be able to deal with any complaint on your return and your rights to claim may be reduced or forfeited.