Unlock the Charm of New Forest Seasonal Pitches

Picture this: Your very own spot in the heart of the New Forest, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature. Seasonal pitches offer a unique blend of convenience and charm, providing a dedicated space for an extended stay,typically ranging from four to six months. Grass, hardstanding, electric hook-ups—you name it, the New Forest’s got it!

Why Go for It? Here’s the Lowdown

Feeling the Nature Vibes: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the New Forest, exploring at your own pace and soaking in the natural splendour.

Pocket-Friendly Adventures: Enjoy all this without breaking the bank! Seasonal pitches offer lower fees compared to touring pitches, ensuring a budget-friendly escape.

Connect and Make Memories: Become part of a warm community of like-minded campers who share your love for the New Forest.

Flexibility Unleashed: Say goodbye to the stress of towing your caravan every time you want to explore. Flexibility is the name of the game here, come and go as you please, whenever the mood strikes.

Unleash Unlimited Escapes: Once you secure your seasonal pitch, the New Forest is your oyster! Enjoy unlimited holidays, each one as magical as the last.

Navigating Your New Forest Adventure: Tips and Tricks

Prices and Frequency: Wondering about the cost? Prices start from £1000 for a six-month seasonal pitch. The maximum time guests are allowed to stay is 21 consecutive nights, then three nights must elapse before the next visit.

Security and Peace of Mind: Ensure your caravan is well-insured, and you have a gas safety certificate. For those times when your caravan is on a temporary break, consider gas, security, and general maintenance to keep everything tip top.

Co-Ownership and Awning Adventures: Discover co-ownership options and any rules about setting up that perfect awning at your chosen New Forest hideaway.

Family-Friendly Fun: Create unforgettable moments with your family in the New Forest—kids and grandkids welcome!

Home Sweet Home: Experience the comfort of a home-from-home. No more dreading unfamiliar places: your spot in the New Forest awaits.

Photo of a road alongside the lake at Roundhill Campsite.

Helpful FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

  • How long can I stay on the site?

We want you to Savor the magic of the New Forest! You can stay for up to 21 nights per visit, with a minimum 3-night break before your next adventure.

  • Can I bring my furry friend?

Absolutely! Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead within your pitch. You can bring up to three dogs, but please note that Ashurst and Denny Wood Campsites are dog-free zones to protect the ground nesting birds, except for pre-authorised assistance dogs.

  • When do I need to pay for a seasonal pitch?

We like to keep things stress-free. Full payment for a seasonal pitch is due 28 days before the camping season kicks off.

  • What’s included in a seasonal pitch?

Your seasonal pitch covers one tent, caravan, trailer-tent, or motorhome and one car or motorcycle.

  • Tell me about awnings and annexes.

You’re welcome to set up a single awning, the length of your unit and not more than 3 meters deep. Fancy a bit more room? You can add one annex for that extra touch of comfort. An annex costs £150 for the entire season.

  • What about gazebos/shelters?

Feel free to bring them along for £10 per day. Just make sure to check-in at reception – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun!

  • Who can enjoy the seasonal pitch?

Seasonal pitch holders, their kids/grandkids, and co-owners are all welcome. Longbeech is our adults-only haven, and subletting is a no-no.

  • How many people can stay on a pitch?

Up to six lovely souls can share the joy on one pitch. It’s all about making memories together!

  • Can I have visitors?

Of course! Visitors can join the fun for £5 per day. Just make sure they report to reception and leave by 10.00 pm.

  • What’s the deal with BBQs?

BBQs are a must, just keep them off the ground. Unfortunately, no fires or wood burning, but we promise the food will still be fantastic!

  • How about permits?

Keep those Unit & Car Permits visible, and please don’t lend them out. It’s our way of keeping everything running smoothly.

  • Any rules on boundaries?

We love a good windbreak, but let’s stick to one, and no corralling. It keeps the site looking as friendly as it feels!

So, there you have it, fellow wanderers! Your guide to seasonal pitches in the New Forest—your ticket to hassle-free, budget-friendly, and downright magical adventures. Time to hit the road and make some memories!