Nature helps children’s development

There are so many amazing benefits to children spending time in the great outdoors.

Playing out in nature, where trees are climbing frames and streams are skipping ropes, is a great way to strengthen their bodies and keep them healthy.

The natural world sends children’s minds into a creative overdrive as they explore unfamiliar new places, solve problems and learn to tell the differences between new species of plants and animals. It’s a feast for their curiosity!

Plus, engaging with wildlife at an early age teaches children to appreciate how special it is and means they will grow up to care for it. By nurturing their passion whilst they’re young, we are empowering them to make a meaningful difference for our planet when they grow up.


Mixing education with camping

One of our key objectives is to promote education in the New Forest. With nature being so beneficial for children’s health and wellbeing, we invited the New Forest National Park Authority to run to a series of fun and educational activities on our campsites every week.

The National Park Rangers visited four of our campsites – Ashurst, Hollands Wood, Holmsley & Roundhill – with their fantastic mobile information unit.

They ran exciting sessions covering lots of interesting topics, from animals to insects, plants to fungi, and many different habitats.


Forest Fun

Arts and crafts are a great way to ignite children’s creativity and passion for wildlife at the same time. It makes learning about wildlife fun and interesting!

The children loved making origami bats, butterfly masks, cardboard snakes and many more creative capers whilst the adults enjoyed chatting with the Rangers and finding out about the New Forests wildlife and habitats.


Ranger Rambles

The Rangers took participants on easy and relaxed walking routes which included as many different habitats as possible.

Along the way, they stopped for ‘mindful moments’ to encourage participants to stop and appreciate the beauty of the Forest, and the long summer evenings were perfect for bat detecting!


Little New Park Rangers

The action continued with Little New Park Ranger courses here at our head office site in Brockenhurst.

With a combination of crafts, learning and practical skills, these outdoor education sessions helped families to learn new skills, have fun and really feel in-touch with the Forest!


Even more next year

At the end of the season we were delighted to have engaged with a total of 1405 visitors. But we’re not stopping there…

Next year we not only hope to run these sessions again, but expand our educational activities even more. So watch this space, exciting things are on the horizon!


Picture courtesy of the New Forest National Park Authority